This is a country where a person loses his whole wisdom and energy to earn his hunger and this is also a country where a person earns his status losing his whole subjects' wisdom and energy.

"A well-planned war of creating villains in the social scenario has bursted anger in these frustrate brains."

This contradictory social life of ours has led to a production of frustrated brains, clustered together to express their flarity. Time, as per its nature, has passed by through the way creating historical blackspots in this geographical plot. A well-planned war of creating villains in the social scenario has bursted anger in these frustrate brains. This is another contradiction of our nation: a hero who steps to rule is, by all means, a villain at last.

If one goes to the zero point and zero state of mind, can see the reason for a person to hurry in accomplishing his/her work. Also he/she can understand why the person smiles while his eyes' wrinkles shows the agony inside. This is another contradiction: truth is not the weapon to live free, but rather a chapter in a theoretical epic.
Out of 20 million people including men and women of theoretical and practical skills, 601 speech-warriors make the decisions and one of them, the Super Warrior, partition the decision and the decisors. This is another contradiction: One who has no thoughts thinks for the whole nation.


  1. Very nice writing Ishan....
    Very much thoughtful and I truly accpet what you have said...;)

    Enjoyed reading u..

  2. I liked your writeup.
    But, I don't believe people should be categorized into heroes and Villains. It messes up the whole beauty of taking sides. A villain is misunderstood because we look through the eyes of a hero. They're all people, with specific lives and goals... all 601 of them. Even Babban Singh...

    Remember Ravan from Ramayan. Common knowledge, Ram is the hero, Ravan is the anti-hero. It would have been a beautiful tragic story had we seen ramayan from Ravan's Point of View. And we find Ram isint such a good guy the way he treats Sita.


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