What's in Movies?

Watching movie is one of the usual thing we do. Movies diverse. It may be entertainment-oriented, or information-oriented. People's taste vary as well. Some watch them for getting informed about the social happenings. Others prefer it for entertainment and time-passing. Movies, in its another aspect, is a profession and income-source for a large unit of people. Its a gamble that can make you a millionaire within a night and the reverse may happen too. This profession in its pure, is a way of entertaining others through simulating the real happenings of life as Acting is defined.
Talking about the effects of movies, its an half-empty,half-filled glass concept. At this time, it has become an integral part of life. However, often its over-dosed with the same story. People expect something new from the movies, but the same as of previous ones are what we see! But, time has made certain movies mesmorising ones. They may be about love, war, fantasies, social-political beliefs, adventorous, etc. but do contain special story, special character, special diallogues, and most important of all special conclusion. Else there would have been an uncountable list of superhit movies.


  1. well, a super hit movie doesn't necessarily mean a great movie or a new story...consider super hero movies almost all are same...if you really want to watch new stories, new ways of presentations you need to go for alternative movies....


    Ameros Perros
    Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
    Shawshank redemption

  2. thank you gayatri ji for the comment ! and i will watch out the movies you've referred.