Mobile SMS

Case Study:

* how to do I get information in my mobile set after I do SMS ina fixed number such as 2722, 2724,etc ?
* what is the mechanism involved?
* is Timing an attribute or say does the process undergoes w.r.t. time?

For example,

Yesterday, I sent a SMS with the message "Sin2" to the number 2722. My purpose was to inquire the result of Constituent Assembly electionin Sindhuli district Region No.2, which was given the above mentioned code "Sin2". And when i typed "Sin2" in the message box, clicked OK, then ADD, then OneTimeEntry,then typed 2722, then clicked on Done, and finally clicked on Send in my Motorola C261 mobile set, then what I received within 10-15 seconds was a message staing:

"Data will be provided as soon as the information is available. Thank You."
From: 2722
Received: SUN 13:18

So, what is the mechanism involved?
***Query to know this mechanism rise within me***

I knew I have a lot to work on it, to know the exact process, and the technology/instructions (in case of Computer world, its called Progarmming)involved. What if I want to do it on my own? that is, if one of my friend writes me ESHANNOW and sends to a particular number XXXX, wishing to know what I am doing now, what should I send to him/her as SMS.It may be : Sleeping, Having Breakfast, Going Home, Cooking, At Work,On Visit,etc.
This depends on the Routine that I've set/programmed in accordance with the time of receival of friends' message. With this basic acknowledgement, I began to inquire about the machine/technology involved. Since I am using Telecommunication and Programming, I started like this:

On telecommunications (Mobile Networking),
Since I'm using Namaste Pre-PAid Service of Nepal Telecom Ltd., the server is NTC, I am the User, and the THT Live 2722(the himalayan times) which is the proxy server/database/target server.
When a user (friend) sends a message ESHANNOW to the number XXXX, this message is first received by the satellite system of NTC (server),which is then sent to the number XXXX which is actually the tariff number and in this case, my number. So, I am the Target server or Database. The data is then retreived from from me (my Computer actually) and sent as wave signal to my friend's mobile set. The mobile set then converts this analog waveform datain digitalised data, which is actually the information: GoingHome, Sleeping or At Work. In this way, the telecommunication worked.

On Computer Programming,
As soon as my friend (user) sends thee SMS with the code ESHANNOW to XXXX tariff number, the computer of NTC authorises the number XXXX and sends the wave-data, that is, ESHANNOW message to the number XXXX, which is my computer. If the time of receival of the message is 12:30 and I've set/programmed the information "BreakTime" for the time-interval 12:00-13:00, then my computer selects the information "BreakTime", retrieves it (collect it), and send it as a wave-signal to the NTC. The computer of NTC receives this wave-signal and transfer the message to my friend (user) in wave-signal. The user's mobile set converts this wave-signal in digital form, that is, "Break Time" message and it appears to be received directly from the number XXXX.

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